Chemtrol Ultrafilter Membrane Cleaners

Chemtrol membrane cleaning products effectively remove and control biofouling when used as part of the membrane cleaning procedure. By controlling organic and biofouling, operators achieve longer run times between chemical clean-in-place, and longer membrane life, saving time, money and increasing effective plant capacity. 

An alkaline filter cleaning chemical, for the removal of organic and biological contaminants with wide-ranging capabilities.

Usage - 1-2% by volume
pH - 10.0

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A filter cleaner for removal of organic fouling. Does not contain chelating agents. An alternate formula for MC-1, does not contain EDTA.

Usage - 1-2% by volume
pH - 10.0
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An acidic filter cleaner for mineral scale removal, particularly iron, hard salts or scale from water hardness. Buffered for use without pH adjustment.

Usage - 2-5% by volume
pH - 2.0

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An effective filter cleaner for removal of silicone and polymer fouling. The product can be used at up to a 10% concentration in water.

Usage - 1-2% by volume
pH - 10.0
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Effective removal of soluble metals from industrial waste stream. Applications include processes that contain metals like copper and zinc along with a chelating agent.

Usage - 1-5% by volume
pH - 13.0

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Chemtrol MAF is used as a defoaming agent in ultrafiltration systems. Does not contain silicone.

Usage - 2-20 ounces per gallon of H20
pH - 9.0
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