Flocculation Systems

How it works


The RT Unit is filled with effluent. The turbine mixer is started and the DH Reactant is added. After (5) five minutes of mixing, a large floc will form. The mixer is then stopped and settling of the floc to the bottom of the tank occurs, usually in a couple of minutes.

Once the settling, or phasing, of the floc has occured, draining and filtering begins. Clarified water from the upper area of the tank is drained first, followed by the floc (sludge). Filter media captures the solids, allowing the clarified water through to a clean compartment. A discharge pump automatically transfers the fluids to sewer or recycling vessel.


An automated conveyor advances the filter media and sludge as needed. This usually requires only (5) five feet of filter media. An included self-tipping sludge gondola captures the filter media and sludge for disposal. The sludge dries to a cake, without the need of a filter press. The process is now complete. The water will pass local discharge limits, the sludge will pass TCLP.



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