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Evaporation Systems

Wastewater Evaporator Equipment

Thermal Evaporators

ENCON Thermal Evaporators are a time-tested method for economically reducing the water portion of water-based wastes. It is our most flexible evaporation system in terms of heat sources available and the different ways to configure the thermal evaporation system including batch, semi-batch, and continuous operation as well as options to recover steam as distilled water.


ENCON Thermal Evaporator Systems are available in a wide range of standard capacities, from 8 to 400 gallons per hour and heat sources that include: gas, propane, electric, steam, oil, waste oil, off spec gas, and waste heat. ENCON was founded more than 20 years ago with the Thermal Evaporators  offering and that original system has evolved and been improved upon to the point it is today which is the industry leader with widest range of configurations.

Wastewater Evaporator Equipment

The ENCON Drum Evaporator can handle many common waste streams. If your waste stream is substantially water, it is likely to be an excellent application. Visit the APPLICATIONS page for a listing of common applications for ENCON Evaporators.

In addition to the applications that can be handled in all ENCON Evaporators, the ENCON Drum Evaporator is also appropriate for de-watering with high solids loading. This is due to the fact that the ENCON Drum Evaporator heating elements do not come in contact with the wastewater. Examples of these include water based inks, paints, adhesives and concentrated residue from other ENCON Evaporators.

Drum Evaporators

Wastewater Evaporator Equipment

Drum Dryer

The ENCON Drum Dryer completely encapsulates a 55-gallon drum of sludge or slurry and heats it from outside the drum. Since the heating elements do not contact the sludge or slurry there is no requirement to clean the heat transfer surface. Temperatures are controlled with a thermocouple and timer system to provide drum dryer for sludge dewatering consistent heating and accurate level of dryness. Hi torque motor and gear reducer provide gentle and consistent agitation even as solutions become more viscous and solid.


Pneumatic lifting system allows easy removal of lid and agitator system at the completion of drying. Hinged clamshell walls along with pneumatic lifting system allow easy removal of drum and dolly for loading and unloading.


NOTE: Determination of whether or not dried residue is landfillable is the responsibility of the customer and should be done in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations. ENCON does not imply or suggest that dry condition is sole requirement for disposing residue in landfill or other unregulated disposal facility.

MVC Evaporators

The ENCON MVC Evaporator is a forced circulation flash evaporator utilizing mechanical vapor compression. Available in capacities from 40-4,000 gallons/hour, these highly automated systems operate on steam and compressed air at a typical operating cost of $0.01-$0.02 per gallon of condensate. A variety of material of construction options are available to handle just about any waste stream.

Thermal separation processes such as evaporation and distillation can be energy intensive. In conventional evaporators, the energy content of steam vapor produced is lost to a large extent. Using mechanical vapor compression in our MVC Evaporators permits the continuous recycling of this energy by compressing the steam to a higher pressure and temperature. This steam is then used to heat the mother liquid.

Mechanical Vapor Compression not only greatly reduces energy costs, it also reduces the CO2 footprint. Of course, reduced energy costs doesn't matter if you're not getting the results expected. That is why ENCON custom designs and builds each MVC specific to the individual wastewater characteristics to provide the customer with the full purchased evaporation rate. The ENCON MVC Evaporator is designed for heavy duty industrial usage utilizing name brand, high quality components for long lasting performance and safety. Our four step mist-elimination process ensures the highest quality distillate.

Wastewater Evaporator Equipment


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