Eco Green is a concentrated liquid all purpose super cleaner designed for use on all 
washable surfaces, contains strong emulsifying agents with quick soil penetration for 
cleaning dirt, oil, grease, and stains. Eco Green is ecologically sensitive, biodegradable, and non-toxic.


 All Purpose General Cleaner
 Concentrated super cleaner for cleaning dirt, oil, grease and stains
 Ecologically sensitive, biodegradable, & non-toxic
 Powder Metal, carbon steel, cast iron, SS, aluminum, and copper.


Automatic Floor Scrubbers: 
Use at 2 to 10% by vol. depending on soils / frequency of application.
Steam Cleaning: Use at 1 to 5% by volume.
Manual Cleaning of Equipment: Brush on at 5 to 10% by volume; rinse with steam or clean water.
General Cleaning with mop & bucket or spray bottle: Use at 1 to 5% by volume.

pH - @ 1% - 8.0


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No health or safety hazards exist when Eco Green is used, stored, and disposed of in accordance with instructions on the Safety Data Sheet for this product.


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