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Choosing The Right Floor Cleaner

The Chemtrol floor cleaner line was developed from years of experience in removing grease and grime from metal parts in Precision Finishing’s job shop. Parts that had baked-on lubricants from cutting and forming processes needed to be cleaned. The result of this cleaning chemistry knowledge was transferred to a line of products that can remove similar types of tough soils found on your floors.

The photos above shows removal of machine oils and inert soils removed with Chemtrol Dynamatic floor cleaner on our epoxy coated concrete job-shop floor.

Chemtrol floor cleaners can improve floor life, employee health, and safety, reduce accidents, and help sway your customers with a clean facility. Floor cleaners can be used on various surfaces depending on the type of floor and degree of cleaning you require. Chemtrol has strong alkaline cleaners for extra dirty industrial floors and neutral eco-sensitive cleaners for your office space.

Chemtrol products can be used surfaces such as bare concrete, sealed concrete, painted, tile, and composite floors. Products can be applied in a variety of methods such as automatic floor scrubbers, mop & bucket, steam cleaning, and spray bottles.

Aggressive, Heavy-Duty all-purpose floor cleaner

• Liquid alkaline cleaner designed for difficult industrial applications

• Optimized blend of emulsifiers clean and leave a slip-free finish

All purpose, general cleaner for a variety of applications

• Emulsifying agents in a liquid alkaline cleaner for heavy cleaning

• Ecologically sensitive and biodegradable surfactants

Medium aggressiveness floor cleaner

• Medium foaming hard surface cleaner Ideal for oily soils

• Use on office, institutional, or manufacturing floors

Using the right Chemtrol product will leave floors and surfaces clean and safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive, streak-free, and without a sticky residue. Chemtrol products are available in 5, 55- and 275-gallon totes for convenience and cost savings.

Download the complete Chemtrol product line brochure to choose the best floor cleaning solution for your application.

Mark Slaska

Technical Director

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