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Why Is Chemistry Necessary In Vibratory Finishing?

The chemistry, or as we like to call it, compound, plays many important roles in the vibratory finishing process. The chemistry prevents the media from becoming contaminated while keeping the media sharp and clean during the process. In addition, the chemistry helps suspend the soils created during the process which prevents them from being deposited on the parts.

This also enables the media to do the grinding and polishing while preventing it from becoming glazed. The final result is cleaner parts.

Chemtrol® compounds will provide inhibition for steel parts, so they don’t rust in the finishing process. There are also post-treatments for rust protection on certain steel parts. For non-ferrous parts or parts that require a bright polished finish, chemistry helps with the polishing and burnishing process of the part.

Our chemistry can be introduced in a flow-through system, at approximately two ounces per gallon of water. Chemistry can also be introduced in closed loop vibratory systems where water and effluent go through the finishing process into a recycling system, and then back into the process again.

Chemtrol® manufactures compound chemistry for flow-through and closed-loop systems and is equipped with an in-house lab that develops chemistry for the application. The lab has formulated over 100 standard compounds and can develop new chemistries if needed. All chemistries are tested and run through the lab and our job-shop at Precision Finishing.

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