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Chemtrol Industrial Compounds New Website!

On the heels of building a brand-new facility, Precision Finishing Inc. has launched a new website dedicated to industry-leading Chemtrol Industrial Compounds.

The website covers every application from vibratory de-burring to accelerated surface finishing. Also featured are many complimentary equipment types and options from pumps to waste treatment applications. Filled with big, bold images of before & after finishing treatments, application examples and parts-in-process using Chemtrol compounds; the new website easily navigates to a finishing product or solution.

Chemtrol Industrial Compounds

Chemtrol Industrial Compounds website homepage.

The Chemtrol Product Catalog section allows the user to choose the exact application and bring up the specific product type in a shopping cart style menu. Ranging from material types of aluminum to stainless steel, product types of liquid or powder and packaging sizes in gallons, pails or drums; the selection tool navigates quickly to the solution and information needed.

Chemtrol Industrial Compounds

The Chemtrol Product Catalog selection guide drills into the application and allows the user to create an online order while researching solutions.

Once the user has found the information and product type, an “Add To Cart” button builds an online order while continuing to research solutions. Throughout the site, many applications and products feature brochure downloads to round out the research process. With “Contact Us” forms placed liberally throughout the website, the user can drill into a specific solution and reach out for help if needed to answer questions or request additional information.

Chemtrol Industrial Compounds

Requesting information and asking questions is encourage and featured throughout the entire Chemtrol website.

The simple navigation, detailed product information and finished product example images round out the robustness of the website. By investing a minimal amount of time, the site user can select solutions, products, save information, see part processing examples, and build an online order easily without having to go to multiple websites or portals.

The Chemtrol Industrial Compounds website is just one of the latest additions to the Precision Finishing portfolio of products, solutions, and capabilities.

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